Tzar - an interesting and strategy game that allows you to build, manage and rise your own empire
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There are many ways to build an empire. Technology is the main driving force that determines the rise and fall of a civilization. It is a key factor for survival, expansion and dominance over less advanced cultures.

New buildings, units and technology become available as you advance through the game. The various types of technology form a complicated structure called the Technology Tree. It shows the technological paths you can pursue in TZAR. Every structure has its unique place in creating a powerful kingdom.

Most of the units - peasants, military units, ships, siege weapons etc. - can be produced in the buildings. To produce a unit, the player must have achieved the adequate amount of resources and technology. Different units will require different resources. Wizards or priests can spawn units. Each spawned creature costs a certain amount of manna. Certain creatures require the existence of a particular technology. Manna is a parameter of wizards or priests. The player can name the best units and make them heroes. Each unit has its own attack, defense and health parameters. The units can gain experience in combat.

After hundreds of years of war Keana finally has been conquered by the Evil. The old King Roan is dead and his son Sartor has to fight to restore peace and justice to the world.

TZAR supports up to 8 players for Internet TCP/IP games and LAN (IPX) games. The players can choose from several predefined victory conditions (as conquest, destroy castles, time limit, score limit, etc.). For the players who love huge battles is provided special "Death Match" mode.

The Map Editor allows you to create or modify maps for the game TZAR. You can create maps with different sizes for up to eight players. Also you can create map rules, that will change player behavior or will bother him while plays custom map. In addition you can define some conversation that will make map to look more attractive and lively. You can add your own images, sound and music so your custom map will be unique.


- IBM PC or 100% compatible, 32 MB RAM
- 200 MHz or faster Pentium processor
- Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000
- 4x or faster CD-ROM drive
- Video System capable of displaying 800X600 Hi-Color Mod

Tzar - an interesting strategy game that allows you to build, manage and rise your own empire.

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